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At Africa Is A Planet Ltd. (AF) we value the thoughtful understanding and impactful telling of our stakeholders' stories - capturing beauty, memorable moments and interesting distractions.

based in Nairobi, Kenya



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Our RECENT Projects


We execute digital content productions for commercial messaging, public service announcement, live-streaming and entertainment purposes.



World Class Kenya 2018

Content: Promotional Videos

Client: Diageo/EABL

Contractor: Click Interactive

Brief: Vibrant, classy and thoughtful short videos that highlight the World Class Competition goal to promote the fine art of cocktail-making. Promoting the Diageo premium brands' philosophy of people "drinking better and not more'.

Roles played: Production, Creative Direction, Editing, Motion Graphics, Music Composition

Provoke: Collection 1

Content: Commercial Photographs


Brief: Clean, light-filled and fresh studio-lit photos. Confident models around props that reflect a musical theme. For the promotion of a jazz-infused fashion event.

Roles played: Production, Creative Direction, Photography

"Organize Your Life"

Content: Commercial Photographs, Promotional Videos & Copywriting

Client: Oleng Kingi

Brief: Both unvarnished and refined showcases of the concept of the car organizer (product). Telling the story of the product, together with the story about the making of the story (behind the scenes). Goal is to create a sense of transparency about the Oleng Kingi brand's messaging and ideas, and thus to foster trust in targeted clients.

Roles played: Production, Copywriting

Spare Parts

Content: Video Drama Series

Client: AF in partnership with Range Rover Centre

Brief: Three auto technicians hit road blocks when their business is infiltrated by a grand theft auto ring

Roles played: Production, Writing & Creative Direction, Cinematography, Editing

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Brand & Message Analysis
We conduct research on your content creation brief, to ensure that your messaging is effective and targeted.

Creative Direction & Writing
We design a messaging vision that is as inventive as it is impactful. 



Sights & Logistics
We make production decisions that are informed by feasibility tests.

Licenses & Permits
We ensure that our processes are lawful and supportive of our National interests.

Resource Management
We access the and manage the best in creative talent and production tools.



Production & Directing
We guide the execute of the content's production.

Cinematography & Photography
We create content that is visually astounding and meaningful.

Sound Recording
We commit attention to the subtleties of on-set  audio-collection.



Video & Photo Editing
We introduce perfectionism to our cuts and color grades, with the goal of channelling to your messaging goal.

Motion Graphics Design
We deliver animated graphical embellishment to your pictures.

Sound Design & Music Composition
We express a wide range of moods and themes - both acoustically and electronically. 


Our Edge


We do not simply design and produce digital communication tools for our clients. We consider this a lazy approach to adding value to our stakeholders.

Instead we go deeper to understand our client's business model with the objective of identifying the pain-points that need the special attention of proper messaging, all in order to help the client achieve a better financial bottom line.

In short, our first meeting is always set to achieve an good understanding of our client's financial position, performance and goals. Then effective messaging strategy formulation follows.


Packaged Deals

We offer competitive pricing for long-term or multiple-format content creation services. Contact us to get a breakdown and a quotation.

Please reach out to us and describe the nature of your project below.


For content creation services that will take over 1 month to complete.


For projects that require not only content creation, but also the management of digital platforms (e.g. websites) that will host the content, plus the execution of media buys to promote the content.


For content creation to support events-management needs.


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